What is the advantage of Move Basic kit over other devices?
The Move Basic kit is an ergonomic, compact kit which fits snugly in your pocket or handbag this makes it stand out from its larger 18650 battery powered counterparts
What E-liquid can I use with my Move Basic kit?
E-Burn supply a range of e liquids in varying flavours and strengths which are suitable for the Move Basic. Thicker liquids like ours have a higher Vegetable Glycerine ratio which do not tend to leak and give off bigger vapour and stronger throat hit, vegetable glycerine (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) are the two main chemicals that make up any E-liquid
Is it safer than a cigarette or any other tobacco product?
E-cigarettes and mods for vaping haven’t been around for long enough to research long term effects of however due to chemicals used in E-liquids it is generally considered to be up to 95% safer than smoking traditional tobacco products
What is the tank (atomizer) E-liquid capacity?
The tank which comes with the kit holds up to 2mL of E-liquid which meets the TPD (Tobacco Product Directory) regulations introduced in 2016
What is the battery life of Move starter kit mod (Battery)?
For a small battery mod the Move Basic holds 1100mAh charge which can last up to a whole day depending on intensity of vaping and wattage which can be adjustable
What is the battery charging time?
The charging time will depend on battery level when plugged into the charger however it will take up to 1h 30mins to charge fully when battery is fully depleted

What wattage does Move Basic go up to?
Move Basic is a regulated mod which means the wattage can be adjusted between 7w to 25w for best vaping experience for every individual

What coils does the kit come with?
The Move Basic kit comes with two coils, one which reads at 1.0 ohm and second which reads at 0.5ohm meaning it is sub-ohm. Sub-ohm coils tend to give off bigger vapour clouds
Is the Move Basic kit likely to catch fire or explode?
The Move Basic kit has an inbuilt chip which makes the mod regulated. Regulated mods have 0 reported cases of catching fire or exploding if handled properly.