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Committed to providing an excellent service, with a product that is designed specifically for use in Secure Environments E-Burn is set to become unrivalled as far as safety, quality, security features and low cost.

We are striving to ensure e-burn e-cigs to become the No 1 choice when introducing tobacco smoking bans in prisons, detention centres, secure hospitals, private hospitals and nursing homes.

We’re committed to providing professional sales and customer relation team with knowledge and experience of the requirements of those managing secure environments and truly understand the needs of the demanding dynamics of such establishments. We do not rely on sales people with just a sales pitch.

With Patent Pending GB1423331.6 security features the E-Burn Electronic Cigarette is a clear leader in this specialist market. However, we also take into account that our niche and sometimes a vulnerable target audience necessitates continuing work on other innovative product developments and enhancements.

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