Independent review

1. The Mod: Terrific little Mod. Fits well in the hand. The buttons are good. Battery life is good for a 1100mAh device. No passthrough vaping is a real bug-bear as this would require the user to have a second device for when the Mod has become completely discharged. The resistance of coil cannot be determined from the mod – this is inconvenient at best and could result in bad vaping experience or burnt out coils/wicks.

2. The tank: Very good tank – easy to fill and change the coil. Airflow adjustment is poor – needs tightening up and should have staged notches or a stop at fully closed and fully open. Fantastic for DTL, but not so good for MTL – see below.

3. The coils: Good coils. They wick well with the 80/20 PG/VG e-liquid supplied. The wicking holes may struggle to wick higher VG e-liquids but this wasn’t tested. It is difficult to differentiate between the 2 types of ┬ácoil – only a very small marking on the coils which is difficult to see and no marking on the package of the coil. As stated above – the device cannot display the resistance either so it is impossible to tell which resistance is being used other than from memory. You may consider colour coding the rubber seals on the coils in order to make it easier to distinguish between them. The coil package should clearly state the resistance of the coil.

4. The E-liquid: Clearly a tobacco type of e-liquid. I found it too sweet and more like liquorice, but i am a died in the wool RY4 vaper, so have a strong bias. I tried this on 2 other people who immediately identified it as a tobacco type and instantly liked it. 80/20 PG/VG should be good for MTL but isnt regarded as good for DTL. I found it harsh in DTL mode – probably down to a combination of high PG content and the fact that i am more used to 3mg nicotine as opposed to 6mg for DTL. All in all, a very good e-liquid but you may want to offer some variants in terms of nicotine strength and PG/VG content.

5. The Vaping Experience: Extremely good for DTL on the 0.5 ohm coil. Also good for DTL on the 1 ohm coil but 0.5 ohm is definitely better. The instructions suggested that the 0.5 ohm coil could be used for MTL – this is not the case – as expected it is extremely hot and harsh. I expected a better MTL experience on the 1 ohm coil but was bitterly disappointed that this only offered a marginal improvement – little to no vapour is produced even at 25w. The problem with the MTL experience is mainly down to too much airflow even when fully closed off and that the 1 ohm resistance is really too low. Furthermore, the wide bore drip tip does not help the MTL experience. I would recommend that a 1.5 ohm coil is offered specifically for MTL and that the airflow mechanism is sorted – it is far too loose and it is impossible to close off the airflow completely. A narrow bore drip tip is required for better MTL.

6. Conclusions: Extremely good value for money both in terms of the e-liquid and kit. I have no indication of the availability and cost of replacement coils so cannot comment on that. This is a very good entry level piece of kit in terms of DTL. The instructions should be clearer and perhaps amended to reflect that for MTL, the 1 ohm coil should be used. You may consider introducing a 1.5 ohm coil for better MTL. You may consider offering a narrow bore drip tip for MTL. You may consider offering 3mg e-liquid and/or higher VG content for DTL. Something needs to be done in respect of the air flow mechanism on the tank as per the observations above. There is far too much airflow even when fully closed for a good MTL experience and it is far too loose.

I would be very interested to hear other people’s experience of this – particularly on the MTL aspect. I am extremely critical of MTL devices as I feel that little or no development on these type of devices has taken place over the last few years. The kit I use (in particular the tanks and coils) is all more than 2 years old. The only (new) kit that I have found usable for MTL is the Target Mini kit and even that is pretty poor for MTL compared to the older style tanks. I would relish the opportunity to sit down with you and show you the difference between what I consider to be a good MTL kit and a poor one.

Please remember that this is very subjective and opinions vary from user to user – for instance, I did not particularly like the flavour of the e-liquid, but the other 2 users I offered it to found it to be very good. The other 2 users were DTL vapers and found the experience in DTL mode to be very good.

Andy Morrison