Product information

The No.1 Vaping Solution for secure environments ) from E-Burn Limited High-Security Electronic Cigarettes)

November 2016

E-BURN is a unique product with a patent-pending, which has been designed with safety and security in mind.

With incorporated features that are not included in generic products, it is suitable for use in smoke-free secure environments where risks with generic products exist. Following extensive tests, E-Burn is now widely used in a variety of locations including:-

NHS Mental Health Secure Units, Prisons, Private Hospitals and Nursing Homes.

Staff and residents can safely use the product to comply with support smoke-free policies and support of smoking cessation strategies.

  1. Soft food-grade silicone mouthpiece & condensation arrester doubles as a secondary baffle – Feels like a cigarette
  2. Patent-pending suction baffle with one-way valve and reflective ‘witness seals’. Tamper evident
  3. Greenlight glows on draw. Helps detect tobacco or unauthorised product use
  4. Semi-Rigid transparent tubular body. Difficult to weaponise and tampering is easily detected.
  5. Serial number inside the tube. Trace and record ownership.
  6. Removable cap

The main design aspects which distinguish E-Burn from the standard generic products are:

  • Battery operated and disposable – no recharging required
  • Green tip indicator light – spot at a distance use of unauthorised products or tobacco cigarettes
  • Tamper evident seals – enables “security inspection at a glance” and avoids any misuse
  • Unique one-way check-valve system – prevents the ingress of liquids and powders (NPS etc)
  • Individual serial numbers on each unit – where necessary ownership of each E-Burn can be confirmed.
  • Semi-rigid clear tubular body – difficult to (weaponise’ or use to conceal other items.
  • UK E-Liquid contains pharmaceutical grade nicotine – offers consistently high quality from a traceable source.
  • Tobacco, Menthol and Blueberry flavours available – satisfies most tastes
  • Cost-effective – each E-Burn provides a minimum of 400 x 2-second draws (roughly equates to 35-40 cigarettes)

E- Burn Limited is an independent company with a unique range of high-quality products and a proven track record. Full insurance cover is in place – £5 Million Public and Product Liability and £10 Million for Employer Liability.

E-Burn is licenced to dispose of waste products. We provide a free collection bin for our used products and arrange for the collection recycling and disposal in accordance with the relevant regulations. Please note the free collection service is only available from the point of delivery on UK Mainland sites.