Our Mission

Our mission

Simply to be the No 1 trusted World Leader in Prison Electronic Cigarettes.

With 18 years experience in Her Majesty's Prison Service, Darren Haley the Co founder of e-burn.com fully understands the difficult security dynamics of prisons. He has jointly developed with a leading British electronic cigarette company a truly innovative advancement in prison electronic cigarettes, that is fit for purpose in High Security Settings

HMP 1997  Class 26LL, Love Lane, Wakefield training college.

The last day of the course with my proud parents Brenda Haley and Gordon Haley who attended to watch the final parade march.

I have had the privilege over the years to work with some very special friends and colleagues who were professional at all times and a credit to the Prison Service.

Long term business

sealCommitted to providing  excellent service, with a product that is set to become the unrivalled bench mark of prison electronic cigarettes for safety, quality, security features and low cost.

We are striving for our e-burn  e-cigs to become  the  No 1 choice as a HARM REDUCTION STRATEGY and safe way of introducing tobacco smoking bans in prisons and jails that often have limited resources to cope with disruptions .

We will continue to make innovative product developments of our High Security Electronic Cigarettes

We’re committed to providing a professional sales and customer relation team that have previous uniformed front line experience in prison's. Having a team that truly understands the needs of the demanding security dynamics of a prison environment is essential when selling a product they know is fit for purpose in prison's and not just a sales person with a sales pitch!


Our High Security Electronic Cigarette is a clear leader in the Prison Electronic Cigarette market due to its Patent Pending GB1423331.6 Security Features.  

At e-burn we are very proud of our first e-burn prison electronic cigarette which is now available to order by prison/jail officials in the UK, USA and World Wide.  But we understand the electronic cigarette market is one of the fastest moving markets in the world and we also take into account that our niche and sometimes a vulnerable target audience, gives an even greater emphasis for e-burn Ltd on continuing to make innovative product developments that enable our High-Security Electronic Cigarettes to comfortably prove it meets all the strict security and safety requirements of prisons and jails in the USA, UK and World Wide.

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