SMS to Order Service


We are pleased to be able to offer you our new SMS to Order Service which will save time and provide a smoother service.

If you are an existing customer your details have already been uploaded on to your system linked to the mobile number that you have already provided.


Simply text the word ORDER together with your name and the quantity and flavour of the E-Burns you would like order to 07743 445977


  • 10 T (for 10 Tobacco)
  • 10 B (for 10 Blueberry)
  • 10 M (for 10 Menthol)

The address details we have for you will link automatically, but we will confirm this before we despatch to make sure nothing has changed.


A member of the team will call you as quickly as possible to take your card details and confirm the delivery address. The call back will usually within 30 minutes, but during busy period this could be up to an hour. You will get a text acknowledgement and know it is being dealt with.

Please remember our office is only open 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.


To register your details on our system, please follow the order process above but start with the word REGISTER followed by your:

  • Name
  • Delivery Address
  • Email Address (if you have one)

Once you have registered you will then be set up on our system and able to place orders as an existing customer.

Delivery Details

Once despatched your order should arrive within three working days (excluding Weekends and Bank Holidays). If your delivery has not arrived by this time, please text the order line using the word UPDATE and the date you ordered and we will either call or text you back or e mail you if we have an e mail address for you.

** Please be aware that the text number is not a phone and does not accept incoming voice calls,  only text messages.